Azure Synapse vs Snowflake

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Azure Synapse vs Snowflake

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a powerful relational database management system. It’s an analytical data warehouse for both structured and semi-structured data that follows the SaaS model. It is fast, user friendly and offers more flexibility than a traditional Warehouse. It uses an SQL database engine with unique architecture specially designed for clouds.

What is Azure Synapse?

Azure Synapse is an analytics service that helps you bring together Big Data analytics and enterprise data warehousing. It gives the freedom to query data on your own terms, using either provisioned resources or server less on-demand. You can ingest, prepare, serve and manage data for machine learning, and immediate BI needs.

Comparision between Snowflake and Azure Synapse

Features Snowflake Azure Synapse
G2 Rating
Pricing With the number and size of the warehouse, you will get cost per credit. No upfront costs, No termination fees. Pay only for what you use.
Scalability Pause, resume both manual and automated based on workload. Easy to scale up or down. Automate scalability.
Performance High performance. Averaging the fastest execution time at 2,996 seconds for the entire workload of 103 field test queries.
Security Use Always-on-Encryption. Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) helps protect against the threat of malicious activity by encrypting and encrypting your data at rest.
Architecture Keeps compute, storage, and cloud services separate to optimize. Synapse SQL leverages a scale-out architecture in order to distribute computational processing of data across multiple nodes.
Administration It is server less. Compute and stored are resources handled automatically. Database administrators can automate query optimization.

FeaturesSnowflakeAzure Synapse
Data IntegrationETL/ELT concept in data Integration.Deeply integrated Apache spark and SQL engine.
Data CompressionGzip compression efficiency.Support page and row compression for row tables and indexes and support column store and column store archival compression for couumnstore table and indexes.
Data QualityWith tools like Talend, provides data management with real-time speed.Better analytics at scale.
Built-In-Data AnalyticsA single platform that works on the cloud.Limitless analytics service that brings together enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics. It gives you the freedom to query data on terms.
In Database Machine LearningLeverage automation to simplify and accelerate ETL and EDW.Build a predictive machine learning model based on data stored in Azure Synapse. Data acquisition and understanding.
Data Lake AnalyticsGlobal snowflake turns data lake into data ocean.Single service for all workloads when processing, managing and serving data for immediate business intelligence and data predication needs.

FeaturesSnowflakeAzure Synapse
AI/ML IntegrationDriverless AI automated machine learning inflows.Complete your end to end analytics solution with deep integration of Azure Machine Learning and Power BI.
BI Tool IntegrationBuilt-for cloud warehouse deliver efficient BI solution.Integrated AI/BI.
Data Lake IntegrationIt is a modern data lake.Files are read in Data Lake in Parquet format, which achieves a much higher performance improving Polybase execution over 13x.
CloudWith its cloud data platform, live data can be shared.Cloud-native, distributed SQL processing engine.
ScalabilityHighly scalable.Unlimited scalability.

FeaturesSnowflakeAzure Synapse
SharingHybrid cloud data warehouse share reports and perform task.Provides full visibility in your data sharing relationships. Share and receive data in any format to or from Azure Synapse Analytics.
Data SecurityRole-Based control authorization.Secure, Monitor and Manage your data and analytics solution with a wide range of industry-leading security and compliance features.
Data GovernanceData governance experts like Talend provides perfect data governance.Offers cloud governance capabilities to keep your company compliant with regulations and help your developers deliver software faster.
Data StorageUses a new SQL database.Secure, monitor, and manage your data and analytics solutions with a wide range of industry-leading security and compliance features.
Backup and RecoveryDoes with virtual warehouse and querying from clone.Automatically backed up.


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How Lyftrondata helps

  • Lyftrondata provides cumulative data from a different source and brings down to the data pipeline.
  • It works on the pain-points of preparation of data avoiding delays in projects.
  • It also converts the complex data into the normalized one.
  • It eliminates traditional bottlenecks related to data.
  • It works at solving problems like huge time consumption to generate reports, waiting to get new reports, real-time data, and data inconsistency.
  • It helps in combining other data sources to the target data warehouse.
  • It perfectly integrates the data and enables data masking and encryption to handle sensitive data.
  • It provides a data management platform for rapid data preparation with agility combining it with the modern data pipeline.
  • It empowers business users, to make a busy-business and solving data-driven business problems.
  • It reduces the workload, prototyping tools while optimization, offload data, and clarity on data.

Lyftrondata use cases

  • Data Lake:

    Lyftrondata combines the power of high-level performance and cloud data warehousing to build a modern, enterprise-ready data lake.

  • Data Migration:

    Lyftrondata allows you to migrate a legacy data warehouse either as a single LIFT-SHIFT-MODERNIZE operation or as a staged approach.

  • BI Acceleration:

    Scale your BI limitlessly. Query any amount of data from any source and drive valuable insights for critical decision making and business growth.

  • Master Data Management:

    Lyftrondata enables you to work with chosen web service platforms and manage large data volumes at an unprecedented low cost and effort.

  • Application Acceleration:

    With Lyftrondata you can boost the performance of your application at an unprecedented speed, high security, and substantially lower costs.

  • IoT:

    Powerful analytics and decision making at the scale of IoT. Drive instant insights and value from all the data that IoT devices generate.

  • Data Governance:

    With Lyftrondata, you get a well-versed data governance framework to gain full control of your data, better data availability and enhanced security.

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