Actionable Analytics: A Marathon or a Sprint?

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Analytics is a marathon with many steps from beginning to end. Is it true? Let’s find it in our blog.
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Analytics is a marathon with many steps from beginning to end. Many organizations have started this marathon but haven’t finished the race. In order to complete this marathon, there are a number of steps needed before we can even begin with data storytelling.
  • Gathering information about our company activities.
  • Preparing (convert, clean) the data so that it may be used for reporting and analysis.
  • Assisting individuals in monitoring business performance, we show data in summary reports and dashboards.
  • Examining the data to find strategies to improve performance.
  • Sharing our findings in order to help people make better judgments (data storytelling).
  • Taking action based on such findings in order to provide value to the business.
Today, just about every company is collecting data. It has become the norm to present reports based on this very same data too, especially since companies are becoming more aware of just how much insight can be gained from examining the numbers – and many companies are reaping the benefits by doing so! But despite this effort, there seems to be a significant drop-off when it comes to taking collective insights, interpreting them correctly, and making real change happen in order to optimize business goals for example.
It’s not uncommon to run into analysts who are frustrated that they can’t play around with their data as much as they’d like. They have a lot of ideas for how to analyze and communicate their findings but feel stuck working from the same boring reports time after time.

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How can you fix this problem?

To satisfy some of the technical demands of this project, it might be best to begin with some automation and streamlining. If you can free up time for your business by starting with automating some of the tedious processes in place, for example, that time can then be better spent making sure that what is being delivered to your customers is crafted to perfection.
Another mistake is when companies try to do too much in one area. Instead of trying to tackle problems in so many different areas at once, it might be better for your project if you refine the scope of your analytics work more specifically on a certain goal. If you can show success in doing so, you might find that refining your efforts throughout the rest of the analytics process will help generate some momentum for refining your project even more finely by focusing even more narrowly on what will be most effective.
To get the best possible value from their #analytics investments, organizations must finish the analytics #marathon. We all know that analytics projects often start out with a bang but then things tend to slow down as limitations become more apparent. Don’t collapse at the final hurdle! Make sure you’re setting up your data platform for success by taking into account factors like corporate culture and company size which might cause some solutions to work better than others in your particular case.

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